Call for Participants of Training on Peace and Conflict Resolution

MGPS (Mahatir Global Peace School) is a two-week joint training program between Universitas Muhammadiyah Yogyakarta-Indonesia and Perdana Global Peace Foundation-Malaysia. The program is designed to bring together young enthusiastic activists and students interested in peace and conflict resolution to work together and develop their knowledge to be active peace makers. MGPS is an interactive and exciting peace training program exposing you with the dynamics of war and communal conflicts taking place in Southeast Asia and beyond.

MGPS lets participants to explore a-wide range of cases, formulate strategic peace action plan, as well as build and strengthen future partnership in promoting global peace. The program equips you with a wide-range of knowledge in understanding issues such as global conflict, conflict management, peacemaking strategic proposal, humanitarian intervention, human rights, interfaith and inter-cultural dialogue, and post-conflict communication skills.

The call for participants is open to young social activists, peace makers, NGOs volunteers, and postgraduate students from Southeast Asian countries and beyond.

Participants’ domestic and international travel cost is expected to be covered by their own institutions. However, the MGPS provides housing, meal and local transport during the two-week course in Kuala Lumpur.

The participants will be selected based on certain criteria while geographical, gender and experiential balance among participants also taking into consideration.

17 February – 01 March 2014

All programmes within MGPS 2014 will be conducted at the Institute of Diplomacy and Foreign Relations of Malaysia (IDFR)

Application procedure:
Applications, applicants’ short CV (max. 300 words) and 1 page Letter of Motivation must be submitted online via

For any questions or inquiries, drop an e-mail to

For further information, follow  this link


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